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Top 10 Movies Filmed in Arkansas


Breathtaking scenes from Tara to attacks on the US Capitol have been filmed in Arkansas. Just what movies feature Arkansas scenery? Here a few movies that take advantage of Arkansas' beauty and resources.

1) "Gone With the Wind" (1939)

Frankly my dear, that's a mill not a dam. North Little Rock's Old Mill is featured in the opening scenes of this classic film. The film is about a young woman, Scarlet O'Hara, from Atlanta during the American Civil War.
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2) "True Grit" (1969)

Nobody has truer grit than Arkansans. This classic Western features John Wayne as a US Marshall from Fort Smith, Arkansas. There are some great shots of Fort Smith in the film but the movie (and the town) was actually in Colorado, even though it was designed to depict the area. In the film, Wayne teams up with a Texas Ranger and a young girl to track an outlaw.
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3) "The Firm" (1993)

You mean I missed my chance to meet Tom Cruise!? John Grisham was born in Arkansas so what better place to film one of his novels? This film stars Tom Cruise as a young lawyer who joins a firm with a dark side. Some of this film was shot in West Memphis.
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4) "Biloxi Blues" (1988)

I could have met Matthew Broderick too! Filmed on location at Fort Chaffee and Van Buren Arkansas, this comedy is set in a World War II boot camp. The film is supposed to take place in Mississippi however the majority of filming was done in Arkansas.
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5) "Under Siege" (1986)

A surprisingly relevant film today, "Under Siege" has a group of suicide bombers attacking the US Capitol. Wait a second, is that really the US Capitol? Nope, it's the Arkansas State Capitol in Little Rock. It has been used as the US Capitol's "body double" in a few films.

6) "The Legend of Boggy Creek" (1975)

There's a monster in those woods! At least some people say there is. To film this legend's mockumentary, Pierce went right to the source. This film was actually filmed on location in Boggy Creek.
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7) "Sling Blade" (1996)

Arkansas native, Billy Bob Thornton, often uses Arkansas locations in his films. "Sling Blade" is no exception. Thornton plays Karl Childers, a mentally disabled man who returns to his rural Arkansas hometown after years in an asylum. The majority of the film was shot in Benton, AR.
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8) "White Lightning" (1973)

This isn't the best of all films but it was filmed in Benton and has a famous cheesy movie star: Burt Reynolds. Reynolds plays an ex-con who teams up with federal agents to help them break up a moonshine ring.
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9) "The Tuskegee Airmen" (1995)

Also filmed in Fort Chaffee, this film chronicles a group of African American pilots who overcome racism to fight in World War II. Laurence Fishburne and Malcolm-Jamal Warner star in the film.
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10) "The Blue and the Gray" (1982)

This movie takes you inside the Civil War. It was originally a TV mini-series so it's broken down into small parts. It's great for students learning about the Civil War. The film features scenes from Van Buren Arkansas' main street.
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