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Murry's Dinner Playhouse

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The Bottom Line

Murry's is great for a nice night out at a reasonable price. It's a bit hidden but worth the search!


  • Great atmosphere
  • You get dinner and a show
  • Great waitstaff


  • The buffet isn't very exciting
  • It gets a bit crowded
  • You have to eat before the show (so come a little early)


  • For as little as $22 (almost the price of a show at some theaters) you can have dinner and a show!
  • Murry's is surprisingly elegant on the inside. It's sure to impress a date! Dress is upscale casual.
  • Murray's has a wide variety of foods but it's buffet. Don't expect a fancy, at the table dinner.
  • Even picker eaters can find something to eat but don't expect gourmet!
  • The shows are normally comedies (well known Broadway plays and lesser known plays).
  • The staging is simple and the actors are local but it all works very well.
  • I've yet to see a bad show at Murry's. I'd put some of their shows against some shows at The Rep.

Guide Review - Murry's Dinner Playhouse

Tired of the old dinner and movie routine? Why don't you try dinner and a show all in one place. Murry's has been in Little Rock for over 33 years and I still meet people everyday who've never heard of it.

Murry's is a little hidden behind K-Mart on Asher (it's actually toward the back and off to the side a little) and is very nice on the inside. I'd say elegant if it weren't a buffet. You get white table clothes, romantic lighting and waitstaff in suits. Dress is upscale casual.

A bad thing about Murry's is that it's always very crowded. It's a small place so the tables are crammed close together. It's hard to maneuver around once the place gets packed and every time I've been, the place gets packed. You should call about a month ahead for reservations just to be sure you get in.

The food is so-so. They have the normal buffet fair: salads, beef, a pasta dish, green vegetables, mashed potatoes and cakes and puddings. Don't get me wrong, the food is well prepared and there's plenty of it, it's just not exciting.

The theater is very good. They always pick light shows that will keep you entertained and make you laugh. Some people criticize dinner theater but I think Murry's is top notch! The shows normally last about 3 hours.

You should get to Murry's before the show starts to eat. They start serving dinner an hour before the show and stop serving food at the curtain.

If you're having a birthday, let them know. They announce birthdays and give you a special cake!

User Reviews

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 3 out of 5
Come for the show, not the food, Member davidinark

My wife and I had never been before last night (May 2010). It is a bit hard to find, tucked far back in a corner behind an old K-Mart building. The front desk worker was very friendly and we were escorted to our seat along a railing with a great view of the floating stage (though I had to turn my chair around to watch the play). The food is served buffet, and it was mediocre at best. The salad was fine (hard to screw up lettuce) and there was an interesting selection of of food (chicken enchilada, pasta and cheddar (read mac and cheese), variety of veggies and fruits, choice of beef, pork, chicken). The taste of the food, however, was not good at all. Needed to be HEAVILY seasoned to make it palatable. The desserts were actually decent. The show was one of the funniest things I have seen live! Very well acted, hilarious, and only a couple of line flubs which the actors just incorporated into the program almost flawlessly. We had a GREAT time watching the show (though I would have liked to have been able to sit beside my wife). The place was full, but not sold out. Patrons ranged in age from high-school kids to elderly folks. Attire covered a gamut from nearly-formal to dressy-casual to blue jeans and plaid shirts. I asked about the dress before we went and was told ""casual."" We were dressy-casual and the seemed appropriate, though jeans and a polo would have been fine. My recommendation: eat somewhere else first then come for the show (though the price would make that not cost-effective) *or* know ahead of time that you will probably want to hit a fast-food place after the show. The show is worth it!!

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