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Daffodils at Wye Mountain

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Daffodil Festival

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Amanda Galiano

Wye Mountain Dates for 2014: The festival will be March 22-23 & 29-30 Facebook site

I think the Daffodil Festival at Wye Mountain (sponsored by the small United Methodist Church that owns the field) embodies everything I love most about Arkansas. It's more or less unofficial and held at different times every year. The Daffodils don't bloom according to a "schedule". The festival is held when the daffodils want it be held. That's the way it should be.

It's very informal. You won't find rock bands or have to purchase arm bands at the gate. You just show up. You can bring your lunch and mill around the field. They normally have a little shop open with handmade crafts you can buy. You can also purchase bulbs and daffodils so you can bring a little "Wye Mountain" home with you. The proceeds go to pay the church's minister.

It's not the most exciting festival in the world but it's something that everyone in Arkansas should attend at least once. It may not be "natural beauty" as it's obvious the field is well tended but it is a wonderful way to behold nature's marvels.

When & Directions:
It's normally held in early to mid March. To get to Wye Mountain take Arkansas Highway 113, north of Arkansas Highway 10 (travel west on Highway 10 from Little Rock and turn north on 113 at the upper end of Lake Maumelle) and follow the signs. Call 501-330-2403 for more information. Google Maps.

See photos from a previous year.

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Annual Jonquil Festival: Washington AR
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