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2014 Toad Suck Daze

Hop on Down to Conway


Cane Toad

Cane Toad

By: Giorgio Cosulich/Getty Images News Toad Races

Kids line up with their prized toads hoping to win!

Amanda Galiano Toadmaster

The Toadmaster decides the race at Toadsuck Daze in Conway.

Amanda Galiano
Fast Facts:
Dates: May 2-4 (they are still having the event)
Place: Downtown Conway
Entertainment Schedule ; Kids Events

Admission to Toad Suck Daze is free.

More Info:
Toad Suck Daze won the 2008 Festival of the Year by the Arkansas Festivals and Events Association. Toad Suck Daze is the one weekend where toads reign supreme and the toadmaster rules the day.

What is "Toadsuck?" Well, the name doesn't refer to what you're thinking. Back when steamboats traveled the Arkansas River, they could only travel when the water was at the right depth. When it wasn't, the captains and their crew had to wait on the river at what is currently the Toad Suck Lock and Dam. They, being good sailors, waited at the local tavern and the locals said that , "suck on the bottle 'til they swell up like toads." That's where legend says the name of the town comes from and festival is named after the town.

Toad Suck Daze is fun for all the family. They have special events for kids but all the events are family fun.

They also have great food. Food is one of my favorite festival activities. A wide variety traditional items are available, including hamburgers, chicken fajitas, corn dogs, crawfish, cotton candy, candy apples and polish sausage. There are different types of nontraditional festival food provided by local vendors. You can find something for every taste. Normally food ranges in price from $1 (popcorn) to $5-6 dollars for a larger sandwich.

Toad Suck also provides music for visitors. They have many bands scheduled including some bluegrass, classic rock and alternative rock bands. They have a great job at providing music for all tastes in the past and it looks like they've done a good job this year too.

Local vendors and crafters are also on hand to peddle their treasures. While browsing the different shops you're sure to find something interesting or at least humorous. Many of the items are toad themed (of course) and Conway even has a special "Toad Store" where you can buy all the gear you need to outfit yourself for Toad Suck Daze. It's open now until the end of the festival so get your Toadobillia while the getting is good. Festival organizer say the pickings get slim on the first day of the festival.

If you've never been to Toad Suck Daze, go and give it a try. According to the founders of Toad Suck Daze, it has been voted the number 1 festival in Arkansas in 1998 and one of the Top 100 Events by the American Bus Association in 1997 and won the 2008 Festival of the Year by the Arkansas Festivals and Events Association. It's worth a look.

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